Everything Will Be OK

Everything Will Be OK is a feature film that tells the story of the rise and fall of an amusement park in Cave City, Kentucky called Funtown Mountain. Written by Lebowski Fest co-founder and Ringmaster of Funtown Mountain, Will Russell, the heart of the story revolves around how the power of the love he has for his daughter ultimately saves Will from taking his own life.

The film begins with a fateful trip to a quirky roadside attraction in Hawks Nest, West Virginia the summer before starting college which sets him on a path to eventually risk everything he has to buy a run-down Wild West Town called Guntown Mountain and transform it into Funtown Mountain. The film also explores the creation of Lebowski Fest and the rise and fall of Will’s retail store, WHY Louisville.

In the midst of a manic episode in 2011 involving the creation of a monument in Cave City called Kentucky Rushmore, Will proposes to the mother of his daughter on the chairlift at Guntown Mountain after meeting her just two weeks prior. After a failing marriage lands him in a profound depression, Will is hospitalized and given electroshock therapy treatments (ECT) which destabilizes him and launches him into a manic fever where he envisions the grandiose amusement park, Funtown Mountain. In the terrible aftermath of the episode, Will faces bankruptcy, divorce, custody restrictions, lawsuits, tax woes, profound depression, anxiety and humiliation and becomes suicidal.

Will ultimately decides to live when his sponsor reminds him how his ending his life would impact his daughter’s life and his friend gives him the mantra “Just Keep Going.” After a long and painful recovery, Will eventually goes on to launch a mental health advocacy organization called Everything Will Be OK Project that seeks to normalize the topic of mental health. The film Everything Will Be OK is aligned with the mission of EWBOK Project which is to normalize the topic of mental health.

Story by Will Russell - Founder - Everything Will Be OK Project

Will Russell is the co-founder of Lebowski Fest, author of the LA Times Bestseller “I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski,” co-creator of The Marvelous Mystery and the founder of Everything Will Be OK Project, a mental health advocacy organization. He has lived with bipolar illness since the age of 19 and after nearly 20 years of stability he had a relapse in his illness and purchased a rundown Wild West Town and roadside attraction in Cave City, Kentucky and attempted to develop a carnival-themed amusement park Funtown Mountain. His illness progressed into a psychotic break and he destroyed the park, his stores, his festival and his relationship with his 2 year old daughter. The aftermath was brutal and resulted in bankruptcy, divorce, loss of access to his daughter, lawsuits and public humiliation in the media. He nearly committed suicide in 2016 but thanks to a loyal friend who gave him the mantra “just keep going” he was able to make it through to the other side. He rebuilt his life and is reunited with his beloved daughter and operates two successful small businesses as well as founding a mental health advocacy nonprofit called Everything Will Be OK Project which seeks to normalize the topic of mental health. He is making this film to shed light on mental illness and to create a safer world for his daughter where it is OK to talk about mental health and reach out for help. The heart of this film is how the love he had for his daughter ultimately prevented him from taking his life.

Milan Chakraborty - Co-executive Producer - Attic Light Films

Milan Chakraborty has been in the film industry for 15 years, 10 as an independent film producer after 5 in production finance and accounting with Warner Bros. Previously, Milan was a CPA. After deciding to make films for less than the cost of craft services on films he worked on such as Batman Begins (London), Superman Returns (Sydney), V for Vendetta (Berlin) etc, he has been making films like 2013 Sundance THE LIFEGUARD and 2018 ASSASSINATION NATION (biggest sale of 2018 festival). Also some successful films such as 2017's MY FRIEND DAHMER and 2015's WHERE HOPE GROWS (shot in Louisville). WHERE HOPE GROWS was the first film with a national release to star a person with Down syndrome. Learning about the advocacy community and how to reach them will be helpful in reaching the mental health advocacy community with this film.

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